• Is there a minimum order?

    1 yd for printing (we mean 1yd per file, per fabric).  This digital printing process is a lot of variables to manage. It’s part science, part technology and part creativity all mixed together.

  • Can I put a bunch of files together to make one yard to

    meet the minimum?

    Yes, however, there will be no custom color matching or sample swatches available this way. We will only be able to open and print your file with the multiple images as one complete image file. What you see is what you get, with no option for color manipulation or single design isolation. You will be invoiced according to what is open and printed.

  • Am I able to see my design on the fabric before I print

    the yardage?

    Yes, you can print sample swatches prior to printing the yardage so you can see how your file looks printed on the fabric.

    Sample size and price depends on your order details   $20.00-45.00

  • How long will it take? (Or) What is the turn around time?

    On average, the turn around time for digital fabric printing is 7-15 business days from the time that an account receives an accurate digital printing file.

    The more information you can give us about the project parameters, the more accurate our turn around time is predicted for you for samples and yardage. Please note that added time is needed when the project sample is required for a guide for approval yardage and when it takes you extra time to approve it. Please let your sales representative know if you are planning on running higher volume (around 100- 500 yds. for a project). Volume printing samples and yardage timing varies on a case-by-case basis

  • How do I submit my designs?

    Digital designs should be saved in TIFF- RGB format at 150-300 DPI (PPI). Flat color/indexed designs should be in INDEX mode and tonal/photographic images as RGB mode. If you don't know the difference, please save the file in the application you created it in, as it will be called the source file, so we can back track to your original work if needed.

    . Together, you will review the basic project scope-design, color, fabric, sample and yardage delivery parameters for submission and pricing. Most of the time a clients’ request is bigger than just opening and printing a file. We like to give you your very own account that will help you with the project details we need in order to execute the job properly. Remember, we can do as little or as much as needed regarding your product development of your print, but we will charge you for our services and extensive knowledge in all aspects of design and print development. Our aim is to educate you so that the process is streamlined for both of us from the start to finish.

  • Do my designs need to be saved in a repeat?

    This all depends. If you are using our custom printed fabric for samples or prototypes of product that are to be eventually rotary screen-printed, your textile images should be in repeat. Some of our clients print with us as their end result and design and print engineered panel pieces to make up a product. If you are printing panel pieces, remember to allow enough seam allowance for fabric mobility and shrinkage calculation.

  • What fabric options do you carry?

    A wide variety of silks, nylons and polys. They have been specifically sourced, treated and tested to give us the best possible color gamut and reprint ability. 

  • What if you don't have the kind of fabric I want?

    Research & Development (R&D) has already been done for all our inventoried “ready to go” fabrics, creating high standards for our custom printing outcome. But, if customization is what you need from your own fabric, our Custom Client Fabric Program is a great way for you to plan your product development ahead of time and a good way to control your custom printed products with your own textile grey goods. We need at least a couple weeks lead-time for all this coordination along with a minimum of 5 yds per fabric type for feasibility testing. Not all fabric tested yields optimum results. Payment is required regardless of the results.

    Charges for testing; $300-500 depending on fabric type

    Please contact your account representative to go over the details for silks, nylons and polys.  Many major brands and retailers have been successful working with us using this custom fabric program because they took a large look at what was their goal for the end result of the custom printed fabric. It was feasible and beneficial for them to inventory their tested and approved custom fabric with us for future print jobs.

  • Do you offer eco friendly fabric options?

    Yes, we offer a variety of recycled and Repreve™ polyesters, certified for “green” athletic apparel applications. Did you know? Repreve™ polys are made from recycled plastic bottles. Digital fabric printing just by the nature of its on demand printing process, is a much more environmentally friendly print option then screen printing because there is minimal to NO waste. In addition, the acid dyes we print for silks meet OEKO-TEX standards. Hurray!

  • Can you print on T-Shirts or blank products?

    No, we are not a garment printer or decorator. We do not print on pre-cut product pieces or products.  All of our printing is done roll-to-roll.  Some of our clients engineer their tops or products to be printed as panels that would be sewn up to make a garment, for example a shirt would have front panel, back panel and sleeve panels.

  • How wide are the fabrics?

    They vary in width from 42” - 58” wide.

    Our maximum printing width is 58". If you need to make something wider, it is important to set the file up with a printing overlap (called a “bleed”) for sewing overlapped pieces together to make one image. Remember to create the overlain strategic design locations to minimize the viewing of the sewing.

  • How do you make sure the colors you print match

    the colors I want?

    Provide us with some sort of color reference and a good clean Hi-res digital design file.  We custom match all colors upon request to the specified fabrics from your supplied color standards. A color standard can be a paper print out that you like, Pantone chips, or color solutions custom lab dips etc. The more organized your paperwork and clearer the requests, the better we can be of service to you. It is important to know this is a difficult process and some limitations occur due to the type of file given, fabric chosen, and the ink gamut of the type of dyes used. We do our best to give you the closest color available with a custom color match that is within the gamut for our digital fabric printing and your request. Quality means everything to us.

    Did you know? All our colorists had to pass the Munsell Color Test with “flying” colors to be employed here. How about you, do you want to take the test?

  • Are the printed fabrics machine washable or

    dry clean only?

    Yes the fabrics are washable and/or dry clean only. We are using traditional digital textile dyes that bind to the fibers of the fabrics through pre and post processing for fixation. Some of our interior fabrics have been sourced for commercial usage so they are not only permanent but they meet commercial specs for abrasion and flammability too!

  • What testing have you done on your fabrics

    Certain markets like commercial interiors; children's wear and swim wear have different AATCC or ASTME testing requirements for manufacturers. We have done basic testing with a 3rd party lab for crocking and wash ability.  Our interior fabrics are labeled with some other standard commercial test results like abrasion. If you have a specific market test requirement, we advise you to work with a 3rd party lab on that specific test needed on your custom printed sample swatch. Our director of operations,, can lead you in the right direction to find a reputable lab if needed.

  • How is Design2print different from companies like

    Spoonflower or other digital fabric printers?

    Design Works International is a full service design studio that provides more than digital fabric printing. We provide a full understanding of textile print and product development customization from creative corporate trend and color forecasting, to print and product design.  Our division, Design2print, is focused is on digitally printing a variety of silk, nylon, and polyester fabrics.   We care and want to know what you are doing with the fabric so that we that can personally help you with your product development.  Our client’s projects are sometimes not a straightforward illustration to be printed. As we see it, our requests require a further conversation to put the puzzle pieces together to execute and meet your project scope and expectations so that you are successful with the product  made from your custom fabric.

    We have the knowledge and have geared our business to offer a personal touch, so we do.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit card payments.

  • How do I set up a corporate account for ongoing work?

    Please submit your business/vendor forms for accounting purposes to so that we can set your company up with payment terms.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship internationally on your FEDEX or UPS accounts. Taxes and duties will be added on through your shipping accounts.

  • Are returns accepted?

    If there are MAJOR defects in the fabric, please contact us in 5 days of receipt of goods and provide pictures of the defect in question. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please note, that there are times when grey goods are received for printing with problems. We try our best to oversee all facets (fallout due to grey goods, fabric printing, and handling) of our supply chain and process to give you the best quality of custom fabric printing.

  • What if there are major defects in your fabric or mine?

    If there are MAJOR defects in the fabric, please contact us in 5 days of receipt of goods and provide pictures of the defect in question. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please note, that there are times when grey goods are received for printing with problems. We try our best to oversee all facets (fallout due to grey goods, fabric printing, and handling) of our supply chain and process to give you the best quality of custom fabric printing.

  • What if my file is not set up for custom color matching?

    We would need to work with you concerning the ultimate end usage of your fabric and determine which path to take for the digital design execution: indexed/color separated or photographic. For example, some designs can remain as photographic images if the end result of the product is digital permanent printing. We work on fine art replications for the museums and handle all digital designs as photographic imagery. Share with us the details of what  you are doing with the printed fabric as the end result, so we can determine if it needs to be color separated and custom color matched or engineered differently.

  • What's the cost of printing my order?

    This is a fully loaded question because we do simple small jobs and complicated custom long jobs. Pricing depends on you project scope- types of designs, fabric choices, and color matching requests, volume of printing, turn around times and other design services needed.  Here’s a rough outline:

    Color Matching; $25.00/per color index.  $75.00/photographic

    Fabric & Printing; varies upon the project scope

    • Small runs 1-200yd  $55.00- $100.00 /per yard
    • Larger runs 201-500yd $18.00- $55.00/per yard

    Speak to your account representative about your project scope to get accurate pricing for that specific job or contact them here

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