Design Services

Do you have an idea or artwork, and it needs to be developed and prepared for digital printing or production? Design Works International can create printable artwork from your digital design, hand sketch, photo or any reference you might have as inspiration. Design Works International can handle the creative and/or technical aspect to get your ideas from concept to paper to fabric. They can retouch, alter existing designs, develop coordinate patterns, or create designs simply from your instructions according to your needs for any phase of product development.


This talented staff is comprised of artists and design professionals who hand paint and create original digital surface designs, suitable for a range of products, seasons and markets, which are individually sold.


Additionally, Design Works International is the home to Creative Corporate™. A focused team of designers who can aid in the evolution of your brand and help chart the direction of your product development, based on market research, competition scouting, and trend and color forecasting.


"For us, design is not limited to just a single market category or process, design encompasses everything we do!  We are a lifestyle studio."  -Nancy Fire, Creative Director & Co-Founder